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Recycled Pirouline Tin Valentine's Sloths

If you're new here, I post recycled Pirouline tin crafts every month! You can find them all here.

It's time for another printable, these are so fun to make, not to mention they're so quick and easy!! So, right now I am obsessed with sloths, they're become pretty trendy lately, like foxes and hedgehogs.

I designed these little love sloths for Valentine's day!

  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Black Felt (optional)

Download my free printables here:

1. Print out the design.
2. Cut out the design.
3. Wrap around the tin and use tape to secure the ends on the back.

I designed two options: The pink sloth has the arms already drawn on, and the purple sloth allows you to adhere on felt arms for a 3d element.

You can find out more about the yummy Pirouline Cookies here: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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