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DIY Recycled Tin Gift Wrap

If you're new here, I post recycled Pirouline tin crafts every month! You can find them all here.

Hey guys, it is time for another recycled Pirouline tin project! This one is SUPER easy and perfect for the holidays.

If you have a last minute gift, or if you're just especially bad at wrapping paper, than you should grab a pirouline tin, eat all of the cookies and then recycle the tin into gift wrap! It's a win win.

As I said, this project really couldn't be easier. 

Empty Pirouline Tins
Spray Paint
Glitter Paint
Christmas Ribbon (I used some by May Arts)
Christmas Scrapbooking Embellishments (optional)

1. Start by emptying out your tins and then spray painting them with a base color.
2. If you want to make your present more festive, add a coat of glitter paint.

3. Cut piece of Christmas themed ribbon to tie around the tin.

4. You can tie it around the tin, with a bow at the top, or wrap a cmall piece around the side of the tin and adhere.

You can also grab some fun embellishments, or gift tags to attach to the outside of the tin as well!

One fun thing about these gift wrap tins is that your gift recepients can reuse the tins as well!

You can find out more about the yummy Pirouline Cookies here: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
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