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Wedding Coloring Pages

Hey guys, I have a super fun free download for y'all today! As you know, Taylor's wedding is only a month away so like the good sister that I am I have been working hard to design lots of projects and decor for her big day.

One of those projects was to design some wedding inspired color pages for the kids at the wedding to color in! That's what these are! And I'm sharing them with you as well!

Download them here:

Feel free to print them out for your own wedding/kids/occasion. All I ask is that you don't try to sell them as your own!

Taylor's wedding is in Arizona, so while I did a couple of easier pages (flowers and cake) for the younger kids, I also just HAD to design a page with saguaro cacti! I think they're so cool, so why not make bride and groom cactus?

I used my favorite colored pencils (Tombow's Irojiten Adult Coloring Pencils in Vivid) to color in the cactus, who say's the pages are just for the kids? :)

Know someone with a wedding coming up? Please feel free to share these with them!

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