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FREE Watercolor Floral Printables

Today I have a free printable for you guys! One of my most recent projects was designing and putting together Taylor's bridal shower invitations!

I painted a bunch of watercolor flowers that I could scan in and use in my invitation design, and I also thought I would share them as a printable for you here as well. Feel free to use them for any personal (please don't sell them!) projects you like. Such as using them for your own party invitations, in your art journal, or whatever.

Just save the image below-

Here are my finished invitations! 

To add a bit of fanciness to them, I printed the wording using a laser printer so that I could run them through the Minc machine and have a hot pink foiled effect.

After foiling all of the words (that was a lot of foiling!!), I created a floral pattern using the watercolor designs above and printed it out. 

I used Tombow's Quick Start Permanent Adhesive Runner to put all of the layers together. It came in pretty handy, as it doesn't have a lid you have to bother with putting on or off, just grab and roll!
I love it when tools make things easier!

Although making nearly 30 party invitations took a bit of time, these were pretty easy to do! And I am super thrilled with the finished look so that's even better, right!

If you use these free floral designs in any projects, I would love it if you tagged me. I love to see what you make!

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