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DIY Scarecrow from Recycled Tin

If you're new here, I post recycled Pirouline tin crafts every month! You can find them all here.

Today I've got a really fun Fall project that would be great to make with kids! All you need is a few general craft supplies like felt and paint and an empty Pirouline tin to make this little Scarecrow!

I actually hate creepy scarecrows, but once in a while I'll see one that is cute and not creepy and I like them so I did my best to make this project cute.

Supplies needed:
  • Empty Tin
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paint Brush
  • Masking Tape
  • Hot Glue
  • Plaid and Bandana Fabric
  • Yarn
  • Felt
  • Rope

We're going to start with the face!
1. Use masking tape to tape off the bottom section of the tin.
2. Paint the top half of the tin with skin toned paint. Let it dry. The bottom half of the tin will be covered in fabric so you won't need to paint that.
3. Use acrylic paint to paint on a face. I recommend pink cheeks, a triangle nose and little "stitches" on the face as well.
4. Cut a piece of fabric to wrap around the bottom of the tin and adhere it on.

Time to make the hair! You just need to make a simple yarn wig for the hair, here's how:

1. Wrap yarn around the end of a book. You could also use your arm or a piece of cardboard, you just need to wrap it around something to make loops. I wrapped it about 30-40 times.
2. Slide the yarn off of the book and use a small piece of yarn to tie it in the middle.
3. Use scissors to snip the ends of the loops..
4. Hot glue the yarn wig to the top of the lid.

Time to make a floppy hat for your scarecrow!

1. Cut out a circle of felt that is the same size as the lid, hot glue it on top of the yarn wig, as pictured.
2. Cut a 1.5" strip of felt.
3. Hot glue the strip around the circle of felt. It won't be perfect or lay perfectly flat. It's a scarecrow and you want her a little messy.
4. Cut a piece of rope to tie around the top of her hat.

Cut a scrap of bandana fabric and tie it around her "neck", and you're done!

So what do you think? Is she creepy or cute? I'm pretty please with her not being a creepy scarecrow, and she makes a perfect teeny little Autumn decoration!

Do you like scarecrows?

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