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DIY Lisa Frank Supply Tins

This is a project in my Back-to-School Lisa Frank series!

This craft includes 3 of my favorite things- Lisa Frank, School Supplies, and Recycled Pirouline Tins! I've got these sitting in the top shelf of my IKEA Raskog cart holding paint brushes and pencils.

I did a few different tins. One of them I made the classic "Lisa Frank Cheetah Print", just by using a bit of acrylic paint. For the other 2 tins I printed out some graphics of my favorite LF characters- Spotty & Dotty the dogs and the Aliens. I love those guys.


  • Empty Tins
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paint Brushes
  • Decoupage Medium
  • Printed Designs

For the rainbow cheetah print tin, paint rainbow acrylic stripes around the tin. You'll need a couple of coats to completely covered the printed tin.

Once the rainbow tin is dry, take either a bit of white paint or black paint and paint on a cheetah print pattern- squiggly circles!

To make the character tins, paint the tins a solid color. Print out the characters you want and decoupage them onto the fronts of the tins.

Other LF characters I think would make cute tins- The Dolphins, Space Unicorn, Painter Panda! There are just so many option!

What characters are your favorite?

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