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DIY Lisa Frank Pencils

This is a project in my Back-to-School Lisa Frank series!

I have so so so many pencils in my supply stash, a few of them are cute, pink, patterned or something, but a lot of them are boring, plain #2 yellow pencils. So, I restyled a few of them and they are now officially WAY cooler. Like, 90's kid cool.

I used a bit of acrylic paint in bright colors + black to make these Lisa Frank pattern inspired pencils.

Acrylic Paint
#4 Paint Brush
#1 Paint Brush
Gloss Decoupage Medium
Masking or Washi Tape

1. Start by using a bit of tape to tape of the metal part of your pencils so that you don't paint over it. If you paint over the pointed wood end, you can easily sharpen the pencil.

2. Paint the pencils with bright, happy colors! Pinks, Aquas, Purple, Oranges and Yellows are good choices. 

It's helpful to stand them up in a tin, to let them dry.

3. Use a tiny, #1 paint brush to paint on cheetah print and polka dots using black or white acrylic paint.

I use pencils a lot, every day. I can't stand mechanical pencils though, they squeak. Anyone else have that issue?

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