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Make it Monday

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Mine started on Friday, as I had the whole day to myself, so I did a bit of painting and watched Bob Ross. :) It was great!

I've got a couple of projects planned for the week ahead, but for now, I'm loving these-

Create Candy Themed Compact Mirrors using this DIY.

Make a Hexagon Shaped Condiment Tray with this tutorial.

Restyle a cooler with this tutorial.

Create a Mixed Media Tea Time Canvas using this tutorial.

Make Summer Fruit Mason Jars with this DIY.

Also, if you missed it, last week I shared the tutorial for this Giant Tic Tac Toe Board over on the Walnut Hollow blog here!

What's on your project to-do list??

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  1. those mirrors are adorbs. I have a table runner that needs to finish getting quilted. I need to tweak my darling ranges dress pattern and then cut into the good fabric. The mil wants a muumuu type dress in blue paisley and I need some cute fabric for my eva dress pattern that is all ready to go. I also need to find my elastic thread and practice...for the very first time, machine shirring. I destest back ties and I can't find a belt I like

    1. Oh wow, Sounds like you'll be busy! Sewing clothes is way out of my league!


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