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30+ Star Trek Crafts to DIY

Star Trek Beyond is out this week and you could say I am BEYOND excited. hehe. But seriously, I love Star Trek, so today I am rounding up some amazing Star Trek crafts from around the internet, crafts that are boldly going!

DIY Star Trek Spock Hand (Pictured Above)
Star Trek Ugly Christmas Sweater.
Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt
Felt Starfleet Combadge
Star Trek Combadge Earrings
Combadge Cameo Necklace
Comic Book Necklace
Science Officer Laptop Sleeve
Star Trek Uniform Coffee Cozy
Star Trek Bottle Cap Christmas Ornaments
Tribble Sewing Pattern

Star Trek Coloring Book Painting
Borg Tissue Box
Spock Deskmate Softie
Star Trek Welcome Mat
William Riker Plush
Star Trek Captain Tea Bag Tags
Star Trek Galaxy Art
Star Trek Greeting Cards
Spock iPhone Case
Star Trek Photo Coasters

Crochet Spock Ears (pictured above)
Crochet Starfleet Insignia
Crochet Spock Panel
Crochet Bat'Leth Scarf
Knitted Starfleet Pot Holders
Crochet Captain Picard Plush
Crochet Star Trek Teddy Bear
Crochet Star Ship Enterprise
The Next Generation Cross Stitch Pattern
Deep Space Nine Cross Stitch Pattern

What are some of your favorite Star Trek crafts? 

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