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Book Review- Garden Mosaics by Becky Paton

My Mom loves books and has shelves and shelves of crafting and quilt books. I think she has atleast a few hundred of them and she definitely passed that love on to me.
And like any good book worm, I always jump at the chance to do a book review on an interesting looking book. Especially if it is a crafting book! 

Today I am reviewing the book Garden Mosaics by Becky Paton.

About the book:
Garden Mosaics by Becky Paton: Garden Mosaics shows you how to decorate your outdoor space in the most charming, individual and enduring way. Suitable for a tiny terrace or a large country expanse, the 25 step-by-step projects are all suitable for beginners.
One of the most long-lasting and hard-wearing artforms, mosaic pieces are perfect to make the most of your outdoor room. The extensive techniques section shows you how to choose and use the right tiles for your environment. The range of tiles on the market today is better than ever, and the book makes the most of the wealth of new materials available such as spangled tiles or inexpensive but authentic gold-leaf tiles. As you progress, you can develop your own creativity with tips on tile and color-matching that allow you to adapt the projects to make pieces completely unique to you and your garden. All suitable for beginners, the 25 projects in the book range from simple decorative pieces, such as the enchanting, simple child’s footprints and butterfly stones to practical and sturdy weatherproof pieces, including a trompe l’oeil chequered mosaic tabletop and delightful planters that will add color to your garden even in winter. Some projects, such as the night light, can be finished in under two hours.

Mosaics are actually one of the few crafts that I haven't done much of. Don't get me wrong- I love the idea and I think mosaics are so gorgeous! I am honestly just a bit intimidated by them.

I recently did my first tiling project though and now I want to try a mosaic. Perfect timing for me to get this book, right?

This book includes 25 different step-by-step projects. My favorite is the Honeycomb Tray. I love those little hexagon tiles! I could definitely make one to use on my patio!

It also includes information on what types of tiles you can get, how to cut tiles, mix cement, glue tiles, etc, etc. So I think it is perfect for a beginner like myself!
I only saw 1 project that looked like one of those "Oh wow, only a pro could do that" and then I looked at the instructions and Becky Paton really broke down how to do it and it doesn't actually look that hard.

So overall, I would say if you are looking to try out mosaics and want to make beautiful decor pieces for your garden, Check out this book!

You can purchase a copy of this book on Amazon here: Garden Mosaics by Becky Paton.

Have you ever tried doing any mosaic projects?

*I received a copy of this book as compensation for this honest review- all opinions are my own.
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