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Book Review- Crafting with Mason Jars

Hey guys, it has been a little while since my last book review, so I'm excited to share another one with you today!

What book? Crafting with Mason Jars by Hester Van Overbeek.

From the publisher:  Follow Hester’s easy steps to upcycle your glass mason jars. There are lots of quick ideas that take no time at all, such as holiday memories in a jar, the table-setting jars or the floral centrepiece that will charm all your guests. 

Now, I've got a couple of other "mason jar crafts" books on my bookshelf, so I've seen a lot of uses for mason jars.

What I love about this book is the unique ideas- A lot of these I haven't already seen (I hate that!) or they are a fun new take on a project. Especially since mason jars are pretty much a staple with crafters, aren't they? I think every crafter out there has done atleast one project with a mason jar.

Hester shows over 35 different crafts (with tutorials!) as well as some fun recipes and things. I mean- "picnic in a jar"?? Heck yes!

So, overall, I would say this is a really fabulous book to add to your shelf! I really want to make a few of them. The tea light holders (pictured above), the coffee cup jar, and probably some more too!

You can find the book on amazon here: Crafting with Mason Jars by Hester Van Overbeek.

I now have an excuse to either eat more jelly OR go to the thrift store for already empty jars!

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