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The Gold Color Chaos Journal

Today I'm sharing an update on the group art journal project I am a part of -The Color Chaos Journals! 

6 of my art journal friends and I decided to do sort of an art journal round robin, we each start a journal and send it to each other, letting the others create pages in their journals.

The twist? Each journal is a different color! Fun! Mine is pink, you can see it here, and see my pages in the red journal here.  This past month I have been working in the gold journal!

I'm going to start off with my favorite page in Vanessa's Gold Journal- a Golden galaxy!
I used a combination of watercolors and gold color shine to create the galaxy, and also used gold rub on stars for a magical look.

The cabin I cut out of a Colorado travel guide.

I used Tombow correction tape to easily make the little white labels I wrote my saying on.

Vanessa and I both have a love for Star Trek, so I knew I wanted to make a trekkie page. I made a copy of a drawing I did a while back of Captain Janeway and adhered her in, and also painted on a (fabulous) quote by Janeway.

All of the gold paints and media I've been hoarding have come in really handy for this journal! I used some Emperors Gold paint by Deco Art on the spread below and used stencil masks by Hazel and Ruby with some dark purple paint.

I took the last page in the journal and added a favorite quote from The Lord of the Rings to it + some metallic watercolors.

Those are all my completed pages, I also started this page below hoping that someone else will add to it!

If you have a couple of minutes, be sure to stop by the rest of the Color Chaos Gang's blog to see they're colorful journals!

Are you a fan of gold?

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