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Mount St Helens Photography

  I'm still catching up on sharing some of my photos from our epic road trip last Summer. We left Texas in May and then took a meandering trip across the western half of the USA before ending up in Seattle. You can see more photos here.

One of my favorite national parks that we visited (Not that I could actually choose a favorite. There were way too many!) was Mount St Helens. Now, I loved Mount Rainier as well, but there was something about seeing the destruction that Helens left that had me in awe.

Have you been? If you get the chance to visit Mount St Helens, take it!

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  1. We visited a few years back... truly awesome. I was in the visitor center right by the mountain talking to a ranger, when a man stomps up to her and demands to know "where is the volcano!". We both stared at him in amazement and in unison turned to look out that stories high window that frames the mountain. He looked at it for a few seconds in silence... and stomped out the door. The ranger and I both cracked up. I wonder if he was expecting Kilauea?


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