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Glacier National Park Photography

 I'm still catching up on sharing some of my photos from our epic road trip this Summer. We left Texas in May and then took a meandering trip across the western half of the USA before ending up in Seattle. You can see more photos here.

Today I am sharing photos from our day in Glacier National Park in Montana. We only had one day here, but it was AMAZING. Like, This was one of my favorite days from our trip.

We hiked up to Avalanche Lake, which was about a 4 mile round trip hike, not bad but it was all uphill on the way out- very much worth it though. :)

The majority of the hike went up along Avalanche Creek, which was just gorgeous, with it's glacier blue water, cutting through the purple-y rocks.

If you're ever in the area and want a good hike with an even better view- Go hike to Avalanche Lake!

I just finished making a mini album using these photos, so I'll share that within the next week or two.

Have you been the Glacier National Park?

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  1. So. STUNNING. Your photos make me want to visit and hike so many different states!

    1. Thank you! I love capturing the beauty of nature. :)

  2. I'm trying to plan a trip up their early this summer and thought, "I know nothing about this park" and then I saw your post!! It's meant to be!! I love your photos and cannot wait to go on this hike. Thanks for sharing, katie :)

    1. Oh, Kam, you would love it!! And I'm sure there are even more amazing hikes in the park, but Avalanche Lake did not disappoint!

  3. Hey! You were right in my neighborhood! We love going to Glacier Park and the Avalanche Lake hike is awesome any time of year.
    Cindy Brooks

    1. Oh yeah? You live in an amazing part of the country! :)


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