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DIY Stamped Notebook

Create a custom little notebook/journal using paper, and mixed media supplies by Umbrella Crafts!

Have you heard of Guidecentral yet? It's a handy website that features "guides" on all sorts of topics- crafts, beauty, home, etc. Crafters can submit their own guides to be published, which is really fun and I have a profile over there.

Guidecentral recently asked me if I wanted to collaborate with them on a campaign with Umbrella Crafts and I gladly said yes! I love paper crafting and stamping so this seemed like a great fit.

My project had to use some products by Umbrella Crafts and be paper crafting, so this is it- A custom notebook! Keep reading to learn how to make your own:


  • 8x6" Scrapbooking Paper
  • 8"x6" White Paper
  • Stencil
  • Sponge Dauber
  • Premium Dye Ink
  • Acrylic Block
  • Sewing Machine
  • Adhesive
  • Letter Stamps (I used some by rukristin

1. Gather your supplies.  I am featuring Umbrella Crafts products in this guide, Their product line includes Clear Paper Trays, Premium Dye Inks, Acrylic Stamping Blocks, Craft Daubers, Dauber Storage, Scrapbook Albums, Page Protectors and Adhesives and most of them are made in the USA.   The  products are exclusively available on 

2. We're going to start with the cover. Use an 8"x6" piece of scrapbooking paper and lay a stencil over top of it. I've got my paper folded in half so that I can stencil the front and back covers separately.  

Use a sponge dauber to daub ink through the stencil.

What I like about Umbrella Crafts ultra-high quality Sponge Daubers are that they fit nicely on your finger tips!  Using the Sponge Daubers to apply the ink gets a nice even look.

3. Cut a piece of white paper into a circle and adhere it to your notebook front cover.  Line up your letter stamps onto the acrylic stamping blocks etched grid lines for precise stamp placement, and stamp them onto the white circle using black premium dye ink.

4. Line up your 8"x6" white paper, this is the inside of your journal. I mixed in a few scrapbooking papers as well.

5. Fold your paper stack  in half, creasing it.

6. Place your paper stack inside your notebook  cover.

7. Flatten out your  notebook and stitch down the middle crease on your sewing machine, stitching through the cover and the white paper inside.

Once you have your notebook bound with stitching, you're done!  Feel free to experiment with different ink combinations, stencils, and stamped for a customized look!

To learn more about Umbrella Crafts, find them here:
Website | Where to Purchase | Facebook | Instagram

Thanks for reading!

What color would you make a little notebook like this?

* This is a sponsored post by Guidecentral and I was compensated, however opinions and tutorial are my own.
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