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DIY Pirouline Treat Tins for Your Pets

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Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? We change ours up every year, depending on if we're traveling or not.

Since there is only 1 week until Christmas Eve (!!!)  I wanted to squeeze in another Christmas project that you can make in only a day! Christmas Treat Tins for your pets!

I created these treat tins out of recycled, empty Pirouline Tins and used a bit of air dry clay to customize them to different animals, for example- fish for cat, bone for dog and a tomato for my guinea pig!


  • Empty Pirouline Tins
  • Christmas Patterned Paper (both wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper works well)
  • Strong Craft Adhesive
  • Decoupage Medium
  • Foam Brush
  • Small Clamps (optional)
  • Paper Trimmer or Scissors
  • White Paint
  • Air Dry Clay
  • Craft Knife

1. Cut your paper down to fit your tin. You want it to wrap completely around the fit from the bottom up to where the lid slides on.

2. Use your foam brush to apply decoupage medium onto the back of your paper.

3. Wrap your paper around your tin.

I like to use a small clamp (I got mine at Harbor Freight.) to hold the paper on until the adhesive completely dries.

4. While your glue is drying, grab your tin lid and paint it white. It took a couple of coats to cover the print, and you can still see the embossed areas, but that doesn't bother me.

If you don't want to see the embossed/raised images on the lid, try covering it with paper or air dry clay.

5. Now grab your air dry clay. This is the stuff I used-

Now I'm going to show you how to make the 3 shapes I used- bone, fish and tomato, but feel free to get creative and try your own shapes! A mouse, perhaps? Or a carrot? Whatever your furry friend likes.

I recommend having a small bowl of water to dip your fingers in while working with the clay. It helps to have wet fingers to smooth the clay out.

To make a bone-

1. Roll out a piece of air dry clay into a fat log shape, about 2" long.
2. Use a craft knife to cut a slit into each end, about 1/2" deep.
3. Use wet fingers to smooth out your bone shape and round off the corners.

To make a fish-

1. Create a tear drop shape that is about 2" long.
2. Use a craft knife to cut a slit into the pointed end of your tear drop shape.
3. Use wet fingers to work the two ends into fins.

To make a tomato-

1. Sculpt a pinch of clay into a 1" ball. Use wet fingers to try and smooth out and lumps.
2. Take a small piece of clay and flatten it out.
3. Use a craft knife to cut it into a star shape, as shown.
4. Place the star shape on top of the tomato, and a really tiny ball of clay on top for a stem.

I like to wet the clay just a little bit before sticking two pieces together.

Let your clay dry.

6. Use strong adhesive to glue your clay sculptures onto the tops of your lids.

If you were wondering, these tins are Guinea Pig Approved. I put some of Punky's dried sweet potatoes into his tin.

That grumpy look is because he hates his reindeer costume.

Do you have any pets? Do you buy/make them anything for Christmas?

You can find out more about the yummy Pirouline Cookies here: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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