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Watch The Craftys LIVE!

Hey everyone, I have some EXCITING news to share!

This evening, Friday, November 6th - Mark Montano is announcing the winners of The Craftys LIVE via webcast at 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern, 6pm Central).

I am one of the finalists, so I'm crossing my fingers that I may win one of the prizes. My Magical Gnome Forest Mural is one of the top 10 finalists in the Decorative Painting/Mixed Media category. There were a lot of cool entries, so I'm thrilled to be a finalist.

Over 100 crafters, makers and bloggers will be attending the live event in San Francisco to celebrate all the entries and cheer for the winners.

I couldn't make it there (way too far), but I'll be watching it live online and you can too!

In fact, you can watch it live, right here on Punk Projects!

Watch The Craftys LIVE here:

 It will start playing when they go live, at 4pm Pacific time and the video recording of the webcast will be there when the live event is done.

I hope you'll cross your fingers for me!

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