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DIY Wool Felt Ball Table Topper

Hey guys, TOday I am up on the Hazel and Ruby blog with a fun Thanksgiving themed project!

Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving? We don't usually do the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with a Turkey and such, but I still like to decorate for the holiday. I've been working on decorating our table.

I made these little turkey candy tins, and crocheted a purple garland, but I felt it was a bit boring and it still needed something. Crafternoon to the rescue

I've been wanting to use the Wool Felt Ball Garland kit for a while now, and this was the perfect use!

The only problem was that the bright colors of the wool felt balls (even though I loved how happy they were) didn't really match my Autumn color scheme. So I grabbed my eBrush and some markers to fix my problem!

I used a gold Sharpie to color the yellow balls a pretty metallic color and a purple sharpie to go over the pink felt balls. The ebrush worked perfectly for this, as the felt balls are still soft, and not stiff as if I had used paint.

 Making the garland really couldn't be easier. The kit comes with everything you need, like thread and a needle, as well as handy instructions.

I just wrapped my wool felt ball "garland" around my table decorations and it completed my Thanksgiving table topper! I love it!

Thanks for stopping by! What color wool felt balls would you put on a garland?

You can learn how to make the Turkey Tins from empty Pirouline Tins here. 

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