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BOLD- An Art Journal Zine

Today I have another art journal zine to share! You can find the previous zines I've participated in here- Space, Sea.

This time we made a zine for Sharon. She's super talented and is always making really fun collages. 
VanessaJulia and I (The Zine Squad) collaborated with Lauren to make a zine for Sharon, to remind her to always be bold.

This time I created the cover, using just black cardstock. I really wanted to make it colorful, but I felt the black with the white lettering was very bold, so I went for it. I followed Vanessa's tutorial on how to bind with a pamphlet stitch.

For the first page, I did sort of a "dictionary page", by putting a description of the word Bold. 

My favorite page our of all of those I did, was probably this lion. When we first decided on the bold theme, I immediately knew I had to do a lion in some way. I sketched him on, and then went a bit crazy with watercolors.

Now you know it's nearly impossible for me to do a project that isn't inspired by space in some way. I mean, what's a bold zine with a reference to Star Trek? I kept the reference very small. Just a little "boldly go", over a background of a gelli print, and a star chart.

Vanessa made the gorgeous page on the right.

This page, while I like it okay, is not my favorite. It just seems a little too messy. But none the less, it has a good message, right?

The page on the left is by Lauren.

I love collaborating on art journals like this! I highly encourage you guys to go visit their blogs and see the rest of the zine!

More secret zines may, or may not, be in the works! :)  Okay, so they are. You'll be hearing about those soon.

Which is your favorite page?

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