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How to Make a Galaxy Painted Pumpkin

It's really not much of a secret that I am a nerd. I mean, I have a whole category in my tutorials for "Star Trek Crafts" (scroll down to the bottom of the tutorials and be amazed.).

So you are probably not surprised to hear that I painted one of the pumpkins on our porch to look like a galaxy. It's an idea I had that just needed to be done. So here it is.

Even better- if you want to make your own amazing, magical galaxy pumpkin, I'm sharing how I did it!

Supplies: Pumpkin, Acrylic Paints in Black, White, Aqua, Pink and Purple, Paint Brush, Glitter Spray, Painters Tape.

1. Start by taping off your stem. That's actually totally optional, but I wanted to make sure I didn't get it all messy.

Paint your pumpkin black. This took 2 coats for me. Let dry completely.

2. Next you are going to learn the art of galaxy painting, which is actually really easy.

Paint on some squiggles with white acrylic paint.

You don't need to let your galaxy paint dry before adding the next colors. They blend better when wet.

3. Add highlights of pink and aqua, adding them around your white squiggles.

4. Repeat step 3 with purple paint. Your galaxy should be getting a little fatter now. You can blend the colors together a little bit with a paintbrush, just mixing them slightly.

5. Give your galaxy a more finished look by adding black around it. I paint black around it and then blend it into the colors, so that it's not a solid black/color line. I also add a few black squiggles into the galaxy to give it depth.

6. Use a tiny paint brush and white acrylic paint to paint on stars. I did a bunch of tiny dots, and also painted on some sparkly looking stars.

7. Give your pumpkin a coat of silver spray glitter! I love the glitter blast by Krylon.

Also remove the painters tape.

You now have a galaxy pumpkin! Yeah!

Is this something you would do? I almost painted the Enterprise on the side, but I decided just to leave it as a galaxy.

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