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Mixed Media Star Art- Hazel and Ruby/Um Wow Studio Swap

Hey guys, today I am participating in a swap between the always fabulous Hazel and Ruby and Um Wow Studio. UmWow makes a lot of fun chipboard shapes to use in scrapbooking, mixed media, etc.

UmWow Studio just created a few new chipboard frames & I am using an awesome star frame for this mixed media art piece I made.

As you know, I love stars. I could stare at them all the time. So that is what inspired this art piece.

I used some Hazel and Ruby Pass the Tissue papers over a chipboard backing for the base of my art, and I actually attached the frame just along one side, so that it flips open.

Here's a more detailed peek at how I made it:

First, I started with my base. I covered a piece of chipboard with a piece of Teal Then/White Polka Dot Pass the Tissue paper, and then used some Shimmerz Inklingz over the Herringbone Stencil by UmWow.

Next I used my favorite Confetti Pattern Stencil Mask and applied gesso and sprayed more Inklingz over them.

I painted the UmWowStudio Frame with some gesso and a bit of color by Shimmerz. I used a few small pieces of Hazel and Ruby's DIY Decor Tape (not just for decor!) to attach the frame and then I did the last bit of embellishing-

I used a black marker to doodle and write out my quote and attached some Starry Night Flair by Um Wow Studio.

I like doing small mixed media pieces like this every now and then. It's very freeing and you're just playing around and seeing where the piece goes.

What did you make today?

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  1. Awesome piece. Love the colors.

  2. Love the star frame. The flair adds more fun to the design.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing your project and instructions. Such wonderful layers!


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