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DIY Pirouline Tin Lamp

If you're new here, I post a recycled Pirouline tin craft every month! You can find them all here.

Okay guys, Since I had a Summer/Holiday themed project last month, I figured that for this months recycled Pirouline project I would do a home decor DIY.

I a used a large Pirouline tin and a hanging lamp kit to create a fun, hanging lamp to match my room- perfect to read by during the evening! I actually just reused a lamp kit that I had already had, but Ikea sells a hanging lamp (for $5!) that I think would work good for this project.

Supplies: Large Pirouline Tin, Hanging Lamp Kit,Craft Knife or Drill, Mod Podge, Decorative Paper

1. Gather your supplies and find a good lamp kit. The lamp kit I already had was not actually meant for hanging, but it still worked okay.

2. Measure your tin and cut out a piece of paper the right size for it. My room has a beachy/travel theme to it, so I used some of Hazel and Ruby's "Maps of the World" paper.

3. Brush a good adhesive, like Mod Podge, over the outside of your tin, and adhere on your paper. Let it dry.

4. Now I admit, I didn't do a great tutorial for the actual "installing the lamp" part. This is because you probably won't have the same lamp as me, so they're all a little bit different. You'll want to read the directions that came with your lamp.

Basically- use either a drill or a craft knife and cut a hole in the bottom of your tin- be careful!!!
Next you want to install your lamp kit into your tin.

Once you get your hanging lamp installed you're pretty much done! Insert a light bulb and hang!

Is this a project you might try? Do you love recycling things into your home decor as much as I do?

You can find out more about the yummy Pirouline Cookies here: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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