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DIY Painted Wooden Crate + Milk Paint Product Review

Hey guys! Today I'm reviewing some Milk Paint that I received via Cut Out + Keep as one of their "Craft Test Sidekicks". If you hop over to the Cut Out + Keep site, you'll find 5 fun projects using the Milk Paint.

I used Milk Paint by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co., Inc. to paint this unfinished wooden crate I got from the store. It's prefect for holding some of my craft supplies.

I really like the finished look and texture of the milk paint. I wish it had been a little bit easier to stir as it took some time to get it all mixed up.

Supplies: Milk Paint in Salem Red and Snow White, 1 pint each, Wooden Crate, Foam Brush, Stir Stick, Empty Container.

Start by opening up your packet of milk paint powder and placing it in an empty container- I actually used an empty coolwhip bowl.

Sand your wooden crate and make sure it's clean and smooth.

Follow the directions included with your milk paint for mixing it up. I mixed Salem red and Snow white in about a 50/50 ratio.

Use a foam brush to apply the paint. Depending on how well you stirred the paint, it may be a little streaky- but I actually like the look of it.

Let your paint dry.

I mixed up the rest of the snow white milk paint and used it to embellish my crate. I added a little "label" on the front end so that I can write on it if I want to.

I painted some strips and chevrons along the side panels for a fun look.

Here are my final thoughts on this paint-

It's a really neat paint, that's organic and very eco friendly. Although it's meant to be for restoring original Colonial furniture or making reproductions, it's also good for craft projects!

I has sort of a rough finished texture to it, which I actually like.

What I didn't like was having to stir it myself. I mean, I do get that's it's organic with no preservatives so you kinda have to stir it up yourself. But It took quite a bit of stirring to make sure all of the powder was dissolved.

Overall, it was a pretty neat paint.

Have you used Milk Paint before?

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