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Jurassic Park Shirt DIY

Is anyone else fangirling about the new Jurassic World movie? The Jurassic Park movies are classics, in my opinion.

With the new movie just out I thought it would be the perfect time to do some Jurassic Park inspired crafts. I actually painted this shirt and sent it to Taylor, I think she may have a crush on Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum).

Anyhow, if you want your own geeky shirt to wear, here's how I painted this one:

Supplies: Light Colored Tshirt, Black and White Posterized Image, Tulip So Soft Fabric Paint, Sharpie
Dinosaur Helping Friend (optional)

To start with, you will need to turn your image into a posterized graphic version. It's easily done in photoshop (plenty of tutorials online!) and you can also do it in free online editing softwares.
I used a picture of Jeff Goldblum, and posterized it with 2 colors, black and grey.

1. Print out your posterized image and place it inside your shirt. It's important to have a light colored shirt for this technique.
I also wanted his face to be in a circle, so I used a circle template and placed it on top.

2. Use a Sharpie and trace your posterized image onto the tshirt. You should be able to see the image through the light colored shirt, but if not you'll probably need to put it over a light box.

3. Time to get out the paints! I actually used 2 colors, a grey and a black. I painted in the light colors first, letting that dry.

4. Next I took my black paint and a small paint brush and filled in the sharpie outline I had drawn. It's pretty simple, and the thing about the posterized image is that it doesn't have to be exact.

5. I took a fine point sharpie the same color as my shirt and wrote my quote on, to decide where I wanted it.

6. Time for more black paint- I used a tiny paint brush and paint over my letters.

7. Let it dry completely.

You could make something like this for this weeks Make Things! Challenge! The challenge is to make something inspired by a movie, and this definitely applies!

Learn more about the challenge here.

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  1. Wow Katie, I love it! Malcolm is probably my favorite character besides John Hammond :) Great shirt!

  2. For the graphics alone, I"'m keeping him" to misquote Elliot in ET


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