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Jurassic Park Notebook

I still have not seen the new Jurassic World movie yet (hopefully soon!) but I am super excited about it. I already made a nerdy Jurassic Park themed shirt, which if you missed it you can find here. I decided you can never have too many dinosaur themed crafts, so I also grabbed one of my many notebooks to restyle.

If you haven't seen the older Jurassic Park movies, the "Clever Girl" is a reference from them and I thought it would be fun to have it on a notebook.

This is actually really easy, so even though a tutorial isn't really necessary, I am sharing one anyway.

Supplies: Notebook, Printer, Adhesive, Letter Stickers

1. Google and find a fabulous dinosaur. I was searching for this velociraptor  so I printed him out in black and white.

2. Cut your dinosaur photo down to the right size for your notebook.

3. Grab your letter stickers and place them on the front of your pillow.

My letter stickers were actually double sided adhesive stickers so I peeled off the front and poured a bit of gold glitter over them.

4. Spread your adhesive onto the front of your notebook. I actually like using a gel medium for things like this, it gives less wrinkles than regular liquid glue.

5. Adhere your dinosaur pictures onto the front of your notebook.

I'm pretty excited to have a dinosaur notebook. I know, I know- Fangirl.

Do you like to restyle notebooks? Because it's a favorite project of mine.

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