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DIY Gods Eye Garden Decorations


Hi, this is Rachel from Adventures-In-Making and today I’m taking over Punk Projects! Last year, I came by to share a peek into my art journals. Today I’m going to share something totally different. I’ve been spending most of my spare time in my backyard planting a new garden, so I thought it would be fun to share an easy garden decoration idea. God’s Eyes are my all-time favorite craft to make. They are so simple (a perfect craft to do with kids) and the color combinations and techniques are as endless as your own creativity. Traditionally made by the Huichol Indians, God’s Eyes are said to give one “the power to see and understand things unknown.” A variation I love to make is a God’s Eye, but with a long stem that can be poked into the ground for a garden decoration. Just like flowers, these handmade decorations give a bright pop of color to any environment. Poke them in the ground among other flowers or for a bigger statement; place them among other greenery in your yard.

godseye-decoration-3 SUPPLIES NEEDED: • Sticks • Yarn (scrap yarn works great) • Scissors • Garden clippers Step One: Gather your sticks You’ll want to gather a handful of long, straight sticks. Use garden clippers to cut them from a tree in your backyard or gather up some already fallen on the ground. When cutting your sticks to size keep in mind where you plan to place the finished God’s Eye and what height you want them at. You’ll want one long stick and one short. DIY: God's Eye Bouquet #tutorial #craft Step 2: Choose your yarn This project is perfect for using up scrap pieces of yarn you already have on hand. You can use as few or as many colors as you want, choosing color combinations you love. Step 3: Make your god’s eye To start your first God’s Eye, take one long stick and one short stick and cross them over each other as shown in the photo below. gods-eye-bouquet-3 Take your first yarn color and tie a tight knot at the center, where the sticks intersect, to hold the cross shape. (Don’t cut the yarn from the skein- you can cut it later, when you’re ready to change colors). Make sure the knot faces the back of your God’s Eye. Wind the yarn diagonally around the intersection, in both directions, to stabilize the sticks and cover the middle. gods-eye-bouquet-4 gods-eye-bouquet-5 Once you have the intersection of the sticks covered and secure, wrap the yarn over and around one stick. Continue the same over-around pattern on each stick. You can continue this pattern until you want to change colors. To do this, cut the yarn from the skein and tie the new color to the previous color, making sure that as you continue weaving, the knot is on the backside of the god’s eye. DIY: God's Eye Bouquet #tutorial #craft #decoration When you are nearing the ends of the sticks, cut your yarn, leaving about 3 inches at the end. Tie a tight knot around the last stick. Trim excess yarn strands. gods-eye-how-to-7 DIY: God's Eye Bouquet #tutorial #craft #decoration Make as many god’s eyes as you want! Feel free to experiment with different color combinations and different placements in your garden or backyard. godseye-decoration-4
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