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DIY Crackled Pepsi Crate

Hey guys, Today I wanted to share this Pepsi crate I restyled using some Hazel and Ruby products and One Step Crackle Paint from Deco Art.

I bought this wooden pepsi crate last year, because I love the little cubbies- perfect for organizing. But, I don't drink cokes (I'm from Texas, Pepsi is considered coke as well), so I didn't really care that it said pepsi on the side.
After having it for a while, I felt that it was time for a restyle.

Supplies: Wooden Pepsi Crate, Wooden Grain DIY Decor Tape, Newsprint Floral Wrap it Up Paper, One Step Crackle Paint, Gel Stain, Adhesive, Paint Brush, Scissors

I'm part of Deco Art's blogger outreach program, and I am using these 2 mediums by Deco Art on this project. The One Step Crackle is really cool, because you apply if over patterned papers or things like DIY Decor Tape!

I started by covering the outside of my crate in the fabulous Wooden Grain DIY Decor Tape.

Next I cut out some of the gorgeous flowers from the Newsprint Floral Wrap it Up paper and adhered them to the sides. These are perfect for fussy cutting out and using on projects.

Time for some crackle! Go over the outside of the crate with the One Step Crackle medium. I found that the thicker I applied it, the larger the crackles, and the thinner, the smaller the crackles.

Let them dry fully.

Now you'll want to apply the Gel Stain over top so that you can see the crackles better. I squirted on a small blob, and then rubbed it into the crackles with a baby wipe.

After that is dry, you're done! I am loving this technique, having crackled DIY Decor Tape is really cool, in my opinion.

Thanks for stopping by!

Do you like vintage coke crates??

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