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DIY 4th of July Picnic Tins

If you're new here, I post a recycled Pirouline tin craft every month! You can find them all here.

So, Have you realized yet that the 4th of July is just over a week away? Here comes the lakeside picnics, iced tea/lemonade, parades and fireworks!

I decided to restyle a few Pirouline Tins to create this USA flag, that serves double duty as both flag decor and a cute way to hold picnic utensils!

Supplies: Empty Pirouline Tins, Scrapbook Patterned Paper in Reds and Blues, Lace, Glitter Paper, Adhesive

1. Start by picking out 2 red patterns and one blue patterned paper.

2. Cut your paper to the right size to wrap around your empty tins. Brush adhesive (I recommend Mod Podge) onto the backsides of your papers and wrap them around your tins.

3. Let them dry.

4. On your 2 red tins, take a few strips of lace (I actually used lace tape) and adhere the strips around the tins, as pictured below.

5. For your blue tin, you'll want some stars! I cut out stars from glitter paper, but you could also use white, silver or another light/shiny color.

6. Use adhesive to glue your stars around your blue tin, let them dry and you're done!

I am now ready for a day at the lake with a watermelon, picnic, swimming and then fireworks! woot!

Are you doing any fun, recycled, 4th of July themed projects?

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