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Recipe Template Scrapbook Layout

One awesome thing about having a blog is that you get to know a lot of other awesome bloggers as well.

My blog friends Megan and Allie are scrapbookers, designers, DIY's, etc, like me and they have collaborated on a fun project. Back in 2013 they designed a Recipe Template Set that you could use to make a Recipe Book. Neat, right?
Well, earlier this year they came out with some new templates and designs and re-released it so it's even better!

They asked me if I might want to play around and make something with the Recipe Template set, so of course I said yes. All of the designs are fabulous, so I used the Mega Pack and printed out some papers from the different editions.

I do want to make an actual recipe book with some of my favorite recipes (which are actually all pumpkin desserts), but I am crazy busy this Summer, so I opted for using the recipe template set and papers to create a scrapbook layout.

The template sets include a variety of beautiful and fun patterned papers, which I printed out to use on this page. I used some photos of vegetables from my garden to document my favorite veggies.

I definitely still planning on making a recipe book using the template, but it will probably wait until Fall!

Megan and Allie are also offering my readers (YOU!) 10% off on the Recipe Template Sets using the code- punkproject10
Just enter the code at checkout to receive 10% off!

Do you have a lot of recipes, or have a homemade recipe book?

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