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Paint + Paper- Washi Tape Art Journal Background Technique

Today I am up on the Love my Tapes blog sharing this page and since it is Paint + Paper Wednesday (when I share my art journal pages and scrapbook layouts) I wanted to show you here as well!

I saw this quote on pinterest and it is very relevant to my life right now, so I had to include it in my art journal. I decided to use washi tape to create the background.

To make the background, you'll need 2 or more different patterns of washi tape to make this look. I used a pretty floral yellow and a contrasting teal tape.

You can find the tapes in the Love My Tapes etsy shop here.

Start by placing a strip of your first color across your page. It can be any direction you want.

Next take your second color, placing a strip next to the first. Repeat this a couple of times.

Now you need to fill in the rest of the page. Turn your page 90 degrees and place the edge of your tape against the tapes you already stuck down.

So your strips of tape are going in the opposite direction as the first few.

Repeat until you've covered your page, turning your page as you need to and changing the direction of your tapes.

If you overlapped your tapes any, you can use a craft knife to clean them up.

Here is my finished page in my art journal:

What are some of your favorite ways to use washi tape?

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