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Mason Jar Soap Dispenser DIY

Hey guys, Happy Monday! Today I'm sharing a tutorial instead of Make it Monday.

Some of us on the Hazel and Ruby design team are sharing restyled mason jar crafts (using Hazel and Ruby products, of course!) today, you can see them all by visiting the Hazel and Ruby blog

For my project I decided we need a new soap dispenser. I've seen this idea on pinterest and I thought it would be really fun to make it "Hazel and Ruby Style" by using one of their stencil-masks!

Supplies: Mason Jar, Hazel and Ruby Stencil Mask, Krylon Hammered Finish Spray Paint, Soap Dispenser, Awl, Craft Knife, Glue

To start, let's restyle that mason jar.

1. Place a heart or other shaped mask on the front of your mason jar. Hazel and Ruby Stencil Masks are perfect for projects like these!

2. Spray paint your mason jar with hammered finish paint, going over your mask.
Once the paint is dry, remove your mask.

 You can always customize this with different shapes, letters (ooh, what about a monogrammed jar?), or fun, bright colors of spray paint.

Time to turn it into a soap dispenser!

 1. Empty out your soap into a separate bottle or dish and wash/dry out your soap bottle.

Next turn your mason jar lid upside down and place center the top end of your soap bottle on the lid and trace around it.

2. Now you need to cut our you circle.

I didn't want to get out the drill, and this doesn't have to be pretty. so I punched around my circle with an awl, and then used my craft knife to punch out the circle.

3. Your lid should fir around the top end of your soap bottle now.

4. Use your craft knife (or maybe a small saw?) to cut off the top part of your soap bottle, below the threaded part that you screw the cap onto.

5. Flip your lid upside down and squirt E6000 or other strong glue around the hole.

6. Push the top of the soap bottle through the hole, adding more glue if necessary.

It should look like this from the side view:

7. Once your glue is dry, screw your soap pump onto the jar lid.

8. Place your mason jar lid back on the mason jar and close it up.! If your soap pump is too tall, you can use some scissors to trim it down a little bit so that it fits.

9. Pour some soap into your mason jar.

I am actually pretty thrilled with this cute new soap dispenser!

Here are the other blogs where you can find some fabulous ideas for Mason Jars-

Would you make this?
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