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DIY Washi Tape Dish

Today I am up on the Love my Tapes blog sharing this fun way to use washi tape. I found this cheap glass plate at Goodwill and used one of my favorite washi tapes to give it a new look!

I've seen lots of ideas for restyling clear glass plates but I've never seen one covered in washi tape(although it is definitely possible I just missed it!).

I think this little dish is perfect for holding little embellishments!

You'll need a small (saucer sized) plate and a roll of washi tape.

The how-to is SO very simple. Basically, you just cover the top of the plate in strips of washi tape.

Once you have it covered in washi tape, flip it over and use some scissors to trim away the extra tape hanging off of the dish.

I wanted to seal my tapes, just so that they wouldn't get damaged, so I went over them with a gel medium.

Note- This is not dishwasher safe!! If you want to wash these, you'll need to buy like the dishwasher safe mod podge.

Where would you use little dishes like these? Have you ever restyled a glass plate?

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