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DIY Reversible Doctor Who Infinity Scarf

DIY Reversible Doctor Who Infinity Scarf

My name is Angie Pedersen, and I blog over at G33kGirl.Creative and GeekCrafts. Katie graciously offered me a guest blog opportunity and I jumped at the chance. I knew exactly the project I wanted to share with you - this fantastic DIY Reversible Doctor Who infinity scarf.

Jo-Ann Fabric recently started stocking several different Doctor Who fabrics. Some of the patterns can be hard to find in stores, like the Exploding TARDIS print, from the episode, "The Pandorica Opens." All my local Jo-anns were out of stock, but I found some on eBay, and got enough to make a matching skirt and scarf. First up - the scarf!

I've made a simple infinity scarf before, but this time I wanted to add a contrasting fabric. Via Pinterest, I found a great tutorial on how to make a reversible infinity scarf by SewPetiteGal. So, props to her for the inspiration!

  • 2 yards of 2 different fabrics - this will give you enough to make 3 infinity scarves.
  • coordinating thread
Cut each piece of fabric 14"x72" (if you like, cut two more pieces 14"x72", to make 2 more scarves later - your Whovian friends will thank you!)

Two pieces 14x72 fabric

Place fabrics right sides together.

right sides together

Stitch down both long sides, so you have a long tube that is open at each short end.
Turn right sides out and press.
On one open short end, fold in about an inch, and press down for a sort of hem.

iron down one-inch hem

Place the other end inside that pressed-hem edge to make a long continuous loop.

place one end inside the other

Pin all layers together so the edge doesn't slip out while you're sewing.

pin all layers together

Stitch through all layers (but just those ends - keep the loop open to make it a scarf!)

stitch ends together

That's it! Slip on your new Whovian gear and go save the universe!

finished reversible Doctor Who scarf

I love wearing mine to the office - it looks "arty" with the Van Gogh style painting, but it's a geek reference only a chosen few will recognize!

Jo-ann and Spoonflower have quite a selection of geek fabrics, from Star Trek to Star Wars to comic book heroes, and everything in-between - what geek fandom are you itching to stitch up in scarf form?
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