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DIY Wood Burned Cactus Plaque

Ever since Taylor moved to Arizona, we've both been a little bit obsessed with Saguaro Cacti. They are just so cool, right? Well, anyway, when I spotted a blank wooden plaque in the shape of a saguaro cactus at Walmart, I knew I had to make Taylor something with it!

I decided to get out my wood burning tool, and burn some fun tribal-y patterns into the cactus.

Supplies: Wooden Cactus Shape, Wood Burning Tool (I used one by Walnut Hollow), Wood Stain, ruler, pencil, eraser

1. Start by using a ruler, or something with a straight edge, and lightly sketching horizontal lines onto your cactus.

2. Turn your wood burning tool on and let it heat up.

You can lightly sketch your designs on first, or just freestyle it with your wood burner. I started sketching some of mine, but after a little while I was comfortable enough to skip that part and just use the burner.

3. Continue burning patterns into the different sections of your cactus.

4. Once you've got the entire cactus burned, unplug your wood burning tool and use your eraser to erase your pencil lines.

5. Use a wood stain to stain your cactus. I used Krylon's Exterior Wood Stain Spray. Yep, wood stain in a spray paint bottle, so awesome!

Let it dry completely.

Last year, Taylor and I shared our top 7 tips for wood burning. If you're new to wood burning, I recommend reading those, here.

Always be sure to do you wood burning in a well ventilated space, because it does give off some fumes.

And remember..... CACTUS MAKES PERFECT.

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