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DIY Scrabble Tile Journal

Today's normal "Make it Monday" post has been cancelled in honor of National Scrabble Day! Yep, April 13th is National Scrabble day, are you celebrating?

Scrabble tiles have always been popular to use in crafts, because you can use them as charms, or make art by spelling names and things. I wanted to create a fun journal using scrabble tiles as the covers.

Supplies: Scrabble tiles, chipboard or acrylic (for the covers) hole punch, paper, adhesive, ribbon.

1. Start by making your covers from somethings sturdy like chipboard or acrylic (what I used).
My acrylic covers are 3.5"x5.5" with 3 holes punched along one side.

2. Choose your Scrabble tiles! You could just choose random letters or spell things!
I spelled a few words, like Artsy, Journal, Crayon, etc, and filled in any blank spaces with random letters.

3. Squirt a little adhesive onto the backs of your tiles and glue them down onto your covers.

4. Let your letters dry and cut your inside pages. You want them the same size as your covers.

I used newsprint paper for my pages, but also cut half a dozen patterned papers to place in between the newsprint pages.

5. Using the holes on your cover as a guide, punch the holes in the same places in your pages.

6. Cut 3 8" (or whatever size you think you need, 8" is what I used) pieces of ribbon.

7. Stack your covers and your pages, lining up the holes and thread your ribbons through the holes.

8. Tie you ribbon in a loose knot- loose enough so that the book opens up but tight enough so that it's all held together.

9. Trim up the extra ribbon (or leave them long if you prefer!).

This was such an easy project and makes the cutest (in my opinion) little journal! If you use a real Scrabble board this could be used as a journal to keep score!

I love playing scrabble, I don't play the actual board game real often, but I play online against my Mom all of the time!

Are you a Scrabble fan?

Happy National Scrabble Day!

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  1. I love this! I've been trying to find a thrift store Scrabble game for awhile now though... No luck!


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