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Custom Starry Night Shoes

Today I have a new pair of custom painted canvas shoes to share with you guys. You can see all of my custom shoes in my facebook album, here.

A friend asked for a pair of custom shoes with Van Gogh's "Starry Night" painted on them- with the Doctor Who TARDIS on it.
I've never actually watched Doctor Who, but I do know what the TARDIS is, and this was a fun little scene to paint.

My etsy shop is closed for the Summer while I'm traveling, but please stop by my etsy store and save it for later! 

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  1. Went to your Etsy store... it's closed.

    1. Hi Teri, I closed it for the Summer, as I will be traveling.

      Thanks for reminding me, I just updated this post. ;)

  2. Great shoes and start with the 10th doctor

  3. Never actually watched the Doctor?? Oh, if you were closer, we would SO have a marathon! I agree, start with Ten, and the episode, "Blink." The shoes are fantastic, especially for a non-Whovian! :)


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