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8 Cute Zippered Bags

Hey guys, today I am up on the Love My Fabrics blog sharing this zippered pouch I made! I used their "Walk through the Forest" collection. I am in love with this bear print, I think it is so adorable.

I'm making a trip to Colorado soon, and I love using little bags like this to hold things (phone, kindle, art supplies, etc) when I travel. I thought the bear theme would be perfect for Colorado.

I didn't do a tutorial for this bag, but I used the same technique as I did in this tutorial I've posted previously.

I hate sewing zippers, but I love little bags like this, so I sew zippers anyway.

Here are 7 cute zippered bags that I've made and posted tutorials for:
  1. Tea Bag Pouch DIY
  2. Easy Zippered Pouch DIY
  3. Design your own Fabric with Crayons Zipper Pouch
  4. Fabric Ruffle Pouch DIY
  5. Owl Book Cozy DIY
  6. Measuring Tape Pencil Case DIY
  7. Polaroid Handlebar Bag

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