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Pine Wood Derby Car Makeover- Steampunk Space Ship

Welcome to the Pine Wood Derby Car Makeover Blog Hop!

Let's start off this blog post with a little background story- when I was a kid my Dad and I did some pinewood derby racing. He's an engineer, so our cars not only won a lot (not bragging, I'm just saying... My Dad knew how to make them!) but I also had lots of fun making them. I had a penguin car, a beaver car, etc.

So when my friend Tina asked if anyone was interested in doing some mixed media cars, I said "yes!"
Here are all of our cars, you can find the links to all of our blog posts at the bottom of this post.

It took me a few days to decide just what I wanted to do with my car. I mean, there are just so many options! In the end though, I decided to make it a steampunk style spaceship (sort of Firefly style, because I was pretty sure I couldn't make it look like the Enterprise).

I started by covering it in some embossed foil (learn how to emboss foil here) I had laying around. I used alcohol inks to add some color and adhered the foil on.

The wings, the strip on the back end and the tear drop shaped embellishments are made from resin and that is a wooden spoon on the front end.

I'm pretty pleased with the end result and now this can go with the cars I made as a kid!

What would you decorate your car as?

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  1. Wow,just love the idea of using the foil!! So cool!!

  2. Your car is too cool! Love the fact that you turned it into a rocket. And I really like the foil texture. Your blog is super cute too! :)

  3. So incredibly cool! I love it Katie! ♥

  4. I love all the texture you have going on.................never thought to texturize the foil............keeping this for future reference!!! Absolutely love your rocket car!!!!


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