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Paint + Paper: Broken Bow Mini Album

For today's Paint + Paper feature (where I share pages from either my art journal or my scrapbook, or both) I wanted to show you guys this mini album I made!

I love making mini albums. Sometimes I use premade mini albums, sometimes I build my own by punching holes and using binder rings. I wanted to do something different for this one though, so I had a piece of this spiral binding (I got it at GASC last year), and wove it by hand through the punched holes of the mini album.

I would *love* a binding machine, like a bind-it-all. I don't have one though, so I made this by hand.

If you're wondering, that is a resin arrowhead I made on the cover. I shared how I made those here.

Do you have a binding machine? Do you like it? I'd love to get my hands on one someday! :)
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