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Make it Monday

Hey guys! Here are some tutorials I've found this week that I think are pretty awesome!

Stitch up this adorable Felt Flower Bag using this DIY.

Make some magical Narwhal Easter Eggs using this tutorial.

Learn how to make Bleach Spotted Fabric using this DIY.

Make a Stamped Metal Cuff using this tutorial.

Create Gold Dipped Necklaces using this tutorial.

How was your weekend? We did a "tweed bicycle ride" yesterday, which was lots of fun. I'll definitely be scrapbooking it and sharing pictures soon.

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  1. Narwhals! I swear that DIY looks better each time I see it ;) Also, thanks for featuring my mini felt flower bag!

    1. You're welcome, I love it!

      Also, thanks for telling me about "A Joyful Riot"- their blog is so inspiring! I just had to feature the narwhals, and I'm sure I'll be featuring more of their tutorials in the future!

    2. You're welcome! I thought you would like them :)


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