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Looking for Guest Posters!

Hi everyone! I am going to be traveling a lot AND moving this Summer so I won't be blogging nearly as much. I would love to have some of you amazing crafters guest posting here on Punk Projects during that time!

Here's some more info-

Types of posts I'm looking for-

  • Craft Tutorials
  • Scrapbooking Tips
  • Sewing Tips
  • Blogging Tips
  • Craft Book or Product Reviews
  • Geeky Crafts
  • Mixed Media Art Journal techniques/tutorials
  • Any other crafty things you have an idea for!

How to submit a post-
Please email me here to submit your guest post! What I look for in posts are bright, clear images and for tutorials, good explanations.

If you're interested in guest posting, please email me your idea and I'll let you know if it's something that I think will work. I'll need all posts by May 7th.
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