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DIY Resin Animal Crackers

I've been on a little bit of a resin kick lately- I made this arrowhead necklace, I created resin gummy bears, I reviewed the new ReMelt mold, and I was even featured on the Amazing Mold Putty blog.
Needless to say, I'm loving making little resin objects.

After making the resin gummy bears, I started thinking about what other cute foods I could turn make molds from and animal crackers are one of the things that came to mind!

Supplies: Amazing Mold Putty (or other mold making supply, but I LOVE the mold putty), Animal Crackers, Amazing Casting Resin, Popsicle Stick, Resin Dye, Seed Beads, Adhesive, Thumb Tacks.

 1. Start by mixing together your mold putty, following the manufacturers instructions. Smoosh your animal crackers down into your mold putty.

Make sure the mold putty is good and squished around the sides of the crackers and let the molds cure for about 30 minutes (or whatever your brand of mold making material requires).

2. Once the molds are cured, remove the crackers.

3. Next you need to mix up some pink resin for frosting. I used a drop of red dye and a drop of white dye, mixing it into the resin.

I didn't take pictures of the mixing process because casting resin starts curing withing just a few minutes and I have to work fast. Follow the manufacturers directions for mixing resin.

You just want to put a little bit of resin in each mold, not filling it all the way up.

-NOTE- Do not remove your pink frosting from the mold before pouring in the 2nd color of resin. If you break the seal between the pink resin and the mold, the 2nd color and seep under the pink frosting and it will look like this:

4. Once your pink resin has cured, mix up a cream/cracker color of resin and pour it in, filling up the cracker mold.
Let that cure.

5. Pull your crackers out of the molds! If you want, you can glue on seed beads as sprinkles.

As you can kinda tell in the picture, I had put seed beads in my mold before pouring the pink resin. But pink seed beads in pink resin don't show up well. So I glued on a few more.

6. Flip your resin crackers over and place a drop of E6000 (or other strong glue) on the back side and place a thumb tack on each one, letting them dry.

These look sooooo cute on my bulletin board!

Easy, lightweight, and so many things you could do with them! They're even gluten free! (Not funny? Okay, sorry/not sorry...)

What would you make with resin animal crackers?
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