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DIY Pirouline Tin Hobbit Hole Planter

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While the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit aren't my most favorite movies (That would be Star Trek, and I hate Gollum. He gave me nightmares as a kid.), I do still like them and I love the idea of living in a little hobbit hole. I could be a hobbit. I love to stay indoors, drinking tea and reading a book.

So that is what inspired this months recycled Pirouline tin project. Lovely little hobbit houses or fairy houses. 

Hobbit houses are built into the side of a hill and have grass on the roof, and I decided to make this a little planter so that it has a living roof.

Supplies: Empty Pirouline tin, Acrylic Paints, Paint Brush, Craft Foam, Popsicle Sticks, Adhesive, Awl (or something really sharp and pointy), potting soil, plant

1. Start by painting your tin a light beige color. It will take a couple of coats to completely cover the tin.

2. While the tin is drying, start working on the door. You want to cut out a circle for the door out of craft foam. I used the lid to my pirouline tin as a circle template, it was the perfect size for a door.

3. Take a handful of popsicle sticks and adhere them on top of your craft foam circle. Once the glue is dry. use a pair of heavy duty scissors and trim off the extra wood.

4. Paint your door green using acrylic paint. Let it dry.

5. Adhere your door to the front of your Pirouline Tin.

6. Cut out TWO 1.5" circles from green craft foam and TWO 1" circles from light blue craft foam. Adhere the blue circles on top of the green. These are the windows. Adhere one on either side of the door.

7. Now add on the details. I took some copper acrylic paint, and brushed on a line at the top of my tin (like a roof) and painted bricks around the door and windows.

I like outlining everything in black.

8. Take a small bead or gem and adhere it onto the middle of the door.

9. Take an awl and stab a few drainage hole in the bottom of your tin. This is super important if you're planting something in the tin. You don't want the dirt too wet, or your roots will rot so drainage holes are good.

Note- if you're not planting anything in the tin, you don't need to do this!

10. Add your potting soil and plant!

I cannot wait to see how my little hobbit house looks once the plant has grown a bit more and covers the roof.

Are you a fan of the Hobbit? Would you live in a hobbit hole? I totally would.

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