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DIY Mod Podged Wooden Box

Hey everyone! It is flower week over on the Hazel and Ruby blog, and I wanted to show you guys how I recently used the Newsprint Floral Wrap it Up paper on a project. I love this paper. It's so bright and happy and perfect for Spring!

I made this simple wooden box out of an old pallet and while I loved it, I felt it needed something to make it cuter (and less simple and country style).

I started by picking out what paper I wanted. Hazel and Ruby has so many gorgeous papers it was hard to choose. I even thought about using some of their lovely DIY Decor Tape on this project, but I *really* love the pattern of this paper. So I went with it.

I cut a piece of the Newsprint Floral paper down to the right size and brushing Mod Podge onto the back of it then sticking it down on the inside of my box and brushing Mod Podge on top as well to seal it.

I almost stopped here, because I loved the simple pop of colorful flowers on the inside of the wooden box. However then I had the idea to add a few of the flowers to the inside walls as well.

I just fussy cut the flowers from the paper and then Mod Podged them onto the wood, going over them as well to seal them.

If you get a chance, check out a few of the previous posts on the Hazel and Ruby for more flower inspiration!

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