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DIY Embossed Washi Tape

I shared this cool technique on the Love my Tapes blog last week but I wanted to share it here as well! What is it? Embossed washi tape! Now doesn't that sound awesome?

I had my Spellbinders Artisan X-Plorer out using it for something else when I decided to try embossing some tapes. Some of the tapes are a bit busy and it's hard to see the embossing, but it gives them some really great texture.

Here's how I made these:

I started by just lining up tapes onto plain pieces of scrap paper. 

Than I layered the washi taped papers into an embossing folder and ran them through my Spellbinders machine. 

That's it! It's super easy to do. Try experimenting what tape patterns and embossing patterns you combine. 

You can sort of see the embossed patterns in the photos below:

Have you tried this? What are your favorite materials to emboss?

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