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The Punk Projects Studio Tour

 Alright, guys, today I wanted to show you some photos of my studio. I actually share the space with my Mom (She's a quilter) and she just got a new long arm quilting machine, which you can see in the photos below (the long white machine).

I think it's awesome, I can't wait to play on it, but it meant we had to totally reorganize our studio space. Which, if you're wondering, it's actually the "living room" in our house, we moved the couch and TV to the back room, so our studio has lots of space. I'm super lucky to have such an awesome family, right?

Sometimes, sharing a space can be a bit crazy, but we've got it worked out pretty well. I've got the side wall over there with all the bookcases and my desk, 4 carts and half the table.

The table below is where most of my crafting magic happens. I've got the spinning tool organizer (from Harbor Freight) where I keep all my stamping inks as well as glue sticks, scissors, etc.

I've always got a notebook on my table to jot down ideas and it's the home of my daily to-do list.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I have a slight obsession with carts. 3 of the carts are thrifted, found at yard sales and thrift stores and on the curb, and the 4th cart (pictured above) is from Michaels. I love color, so of course I spray painted them all.

The carts are perfect for holding my die cutting machines. I've got my Silhouette on one and my Brother on the other. The little yellow cart holds things like project life cards, 6" paper pads, and small embellishments as well as Hazel and Ruby paper rolls.

I have all of my supplies located on my book cases. Some days I wish I had containers that all matched, but they are a collection of thrifted baskets and candy jars, plastic tubs and a few recycled cardboard boxes.

This is the "blog zone". I've got my computer on a thrifted desk (yes, most of my furniture is thrifted) in my studio. It's my where I write all my blog posts and play on facebook.

Obviously, my bulletin board needs to be cleaned off. Just ignore the clutter. ;)

So there you have it. My studio, where the crafting magic happens. It's not my dream studio, but it is large and happy so I like it!
What I would change about it is the flooring- I hate carpet and would love to have wood flooring.

What does your studio space look like?

If you need a little studio inspiration (or if you don't have a studio space), maybe check out WeWork.
WeWork is a co-working company that builds communities to empower people to do what they love, basically, that rent out studio space which I think is really neat!
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