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Reversible Valentines Day/Saint Patrick's Day Blocks

Hey guys, today Taylor and I have a fun project for you! Valentines day is just around the corner and then after that you have Saint Patrick's day coming up as well so we created these simple wood blocks for some holiday porch decor!

Supplies needed: 3 2"x4"x14" Boards (we cut 1 2x4" down.), Scrapbooking Patterned Papers, Mod Podge, Black Paint, Paint Brush

1. Choose some patterned papers in pinks and reds (or golds!) for Valentines day and greens for Saint Patty's day. Cut them to size- Because our boards are 14" and scrapbooking papers come in 12" we had to use multiple pieces of paper.

2. Use Mod Podge to adhere the pinks/reds to one side of each of the 3 boards. We applied glue to the backs of the papers and pressed them down. We'll be going over the tops with Mod Podge after we paint them.

3. Let dry.

4. Next flip your boards over and adhere the green papers to the opposite sides of the boards, repeating the gluing and drying.

5. Take a pencil and lightly sketch your words out onto your boards.

6. Next take a paint brush and some black acrylic paint and go over your pencil lines. Then let the paint dry.

7. Finish them off by sealing them with a coat of Mod Podge and letting that dry. Then you're done!

We plan to display them on our porch (on the Vday side, of course) until Valentines day before flipping them around!

Do you decorate for holdays like Valentines day or Saint Patrick's day?
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