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DIY Washi Tape Phone Case

Hey guys, I shared this tutorial on the Hazel and Ruby blog for the EASIEST phone case you've ever restyled!

I had this clear phone case I'd bought when I first got my iPhone. It's a 5c, so it's neon pink and I got the clear case so that I could see the pink phone. After a while though the clear case has gotten quite a few scratches on it and is not so pretty, so I decided it was time for a restyle.

You'll need a simple phone case, craft knife and the new Hazel and Ruby DIY Decor Tape.

1. Start by cutting off a piece of tape that is approximately the right size for your case. Stick it to your case and use either a craft knife or small scissors to round the corners and trim it up.

2. Flip your phone case over and use a craft knife to cut away the tape that is covering the camera hole of your phone case.

Easy Peasy, right? For more DIY Decor Tape inspiration, hop over to the Hazel and Ruby blog!

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