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DIY Stenciled Air Brushed Fabric

Time for my 3rd project using the Craftwell Ebrush air brush machine! Today I wanted to share this mini quilt top I made for the Craftwell/Hazel and Ruby blog swap!

I love foxes, owls, and other woodland animals but especially foxes! I wanted to test out my new Ebrush (by Craftwell) and see how the air brushing looked on fabric, so I used it to make a few of my own fabric patterns, including some fox fabric and an air brushed fox.

I stenciled a bunch of fabric squares using Hazel and Ruby's Chevron Stencil Masks, Sharpies and Craftwell's Ebrush.

I also wanted some fox fabric. I wanted a fox that I could easily replicate so I cut three fox stencil masks from Hazel and Ruby's "Cut your own Stencil" material (love!) and used those to make some patterns.

I wanted a center panel, so I drew/air brushed a fox onto a larger piece of muslin and arranged my blocks before stitching them together.

Have you tried the Ebrush with Hazel and Ruby products yet? I'm loving it!

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  1. ACK this is the CUTEST thing, ever! Love it... love your creations... and love getting to see what you come up with!


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