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DIY Resin Arrowhead Necklace

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!
I wanted to let you know that I am up on the Amazing Mold Putty blog with my last post as their featured artist for the month. If you want to read the full tutorial, hop on over there.

For this project I decided to use some arrowheads that I got at a rock shop while I was up in Oklahoma early this month. But this is a resin post, so of course the necklace isn't made from real arrowheads...

I used Amazing Mold Putty to make a mold of my real arrowheads and then used Amazing Casting Resin in that mold to make resin arrowheads. Then I used those arrowheads to make this necklace. 

You can see in the photo below the real arrowheads (on the left) and the resin arrowheads (on the right. I could have made them black, like the real obsidian arrowheads, but I like color...

Hop on over to the Amazing Mold Putty blog for the full tutorial.

If you're looking for some good quality resin or mold making materials, their products are fantastic!

Have you worked with resin or made your own molds?
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